Zachary Barnes

Zachary Barnes is a US Fantasy author who has been writing fiction since 2007 and self-published the standalone novel Winter’s Throne in 2010. While his writing lives on distant worlds, Zachary himself lives and works in Northern Virginia.







Nathan Moore

“The Write Stuff has been my copywriter of choice since day one. When we started our business, it was Janet and a few other copywriters who always delivered fantastic results. She’s always found the perfect copywriter for any of our projects, from early print ads to our latest social media campaign. We’ve had email campaigns that saw a 700% increase in click-through rates after we hired the team.”






Roberto Carlos Martinez

Roberto Carlos Martinez is a Salvadorian-born US author. He is the author of Imperfection in a Perfect World (2011) and Inconsolable (2014). His work has been featured in The Piker Press and The Outrider Review. His poetry has also appeared in Mirrored Voices: Best Contemporary Poetry. His confessional poetry focuses on improving perceptions of death, depression, empathy, love, and spirituality.






Roeau Vetrano

Roeau Vetrano has studied psychology and, as an actress, continues to delve into the observation of human behavior, the spectrum of emotion, body language and the human psyche. Born in the oldest city of America; Roeau has been surrounded by the classic arts, history and architecture all her life. Currently in Clearwater, Florida; Roeau studies business and the art of filmmaking.