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Rasping Melodies: Painspirations of My Past
From the Margins
Poetry | 102 pages | ISBN 978-0990517610 | 2014

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Inconsolable is an introspective work of poetry. It looks at the connection between self and those who surround us. At times tough, other times funny and inspirational, this confessional poetry seeks to touch the heart as well as the soul.

Praise for Roberto Carlos Martinez:

"Roberto has the ability to take words and contort them in many ways as they explode into daggers of truth. The seeping darkness of Inconsolable is matched by Martinez' grasp of imagery which persists throughout its simple yet haunting incantation. It is bold, it is endearing and it is certainly full of heat; a wonderful compilation."
      -Samuel I. Lora, author of Cancer in January - Capricorn in September and Toy Soldier

“Martinez offers sensitive, intelligent words in a thinking man’s rhythm. This poetry takes a well-deserved moment to revel in its own self-examination.”
      -Rebecca Benston, author of The Rona Shively Stories mystery series

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