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Rasping Melodies: Painspirations of My Past
From the Margins

Poetry | 234 pages | ISBN 978-0990517665 | 2014

Also available through Amazon.com

One day I was looking through some old notebooks from high school and college and I was shocked to see that on almost every page there were poems scribbled in the margins. This discovery began a furious search of my room that turned up poetry everywhere; on the back of receipts from restaurants I worked at, on napkins, junk mail, and random scraps of paper. It was as if I had been automatically, almost unconsciously, writing poetry everywhere I went and in everything I did. I started to collect these poems and this book is the end result. From The Margins captures poetry from over ten years of my life, from 2004 to 2014. It is a unique window into my thoughts and emotions as they evolved over time. More than anything, it is a testament to the creative impulse of the human spirit and the power of poetry to help explain and endure the world.

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