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From the Margins
Rasping Melodies: Painspirations of My Past

Poetry | 104 pages | ISBN 978-0990517689 | 2014



Also available through Amazon.com

Throughout my journey on this earth, I have come to encounter a various array of eye opening experiences. From different people and places to the oddest, wildest and hardest situations; I have come to learn so much that this winding path continues to teach me. One awakening epiphany after another, I discover more about myself, other walks of life, the different levels of love as well as the natural workings of this world. Through every rocky milestone I came to face, the writings within this book are the "inner churnings" that urged forward and came to fruition.

Praise for Rasping Melodies: Painspirations of My Past

"Roeau Vetrano decodes the DNA of misunderstanding. This collection is an honest exploration of empathy that makes you want to hug the next guy you see sitting alone at a gay bar. But, don't really do that because that's creepy."
      -Danielle Evennou, Winner of the Larry Neal Award for Poetry and host of Sparkle, DC's queer open mic

"Her palpable works are a reminder of how much it can be a struggle to fit in, to be accepted and live by the limiting norms imposed on by society. She urges one to be primitive, as in unpretentious, and unaffected by the many cultural and societal messages that too often stifle our dreams and drown our passions converting us into ghosts.” 
      -Claudia Rodriguez, author of Everybody's Bread

"Rasping Melodies: Painspirations of My Past is a winding road down the mind of a genderqueer creative being. From relationships to ideals of the self, Vetrano weaves her thoughts and experiences using colorful angst and often an anger that transcends the pages."
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